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We believe everyone has an A-game. The challenge with most of us in ministry is that we are not really clear about what our A-game is and what venues of ministry capitalize on our strengths. Too many of us fulfill roles which are either based on someone’s expectations or that simply don't align with our strengths. Every leader has a venue for their leadership to extend the Kingdom.

Assessment Approach

Rather than groping in the dark, the assessment processes we use produces Awareness, Insight, Clarity and Direction.

Level One Assessments

The Level One Assessment is a brief overview of the conflict resolution skills, personality factors, emotional intelligences, values, spiritual gifts, team/task assessment, and leadership style.

Level Two Assessments

More in-depth and with additional tools, the Level Two Assessment gives a greater insight into the life and history of a leader and combines this with a longer debrief to ensure greater clarity.

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The assessment process helps us learn how to work with individuals understanding what their strengths are and what they need to build on. They give us a way to strengthen and guide our missionaries. I would recommend using HGC assessments because they have guided me in our work with missionaries to help them be successful. The assessments will be beneficial to yourself and to your employees.

Kathi S. Global Missions

We at Indian Creek are big believers in Assessments. We have experienced the benefit of knowing a persons personality profile, their spiritual gifts their EQ and their motivations for why they do what they do. We assess staff, Elders and potential staff. It has become a critical piece in team building.

Gary K. Missouri

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