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Our mission is to create healthy churches that multiply by learning, doing and developing leaders. Are you ready to join us in creating healthy, growing churches?


  The Biblical Model of Health The Biblical Model of Health: New Life in Christ–Salvation (Acts 2.41) Transformed Lives and Community-Transformation (Acts 2.42-47) The Church is Self-Sustaining (Acts 9.31) The Church is Multiplying (Acts 11.19-26, 13.1-4) Back to Champion Development

Becoming a Champion

Lost people—We will do whatever we can to reach people far from God and to introduce them to Jesus Healthy Leaders—The only way to reach the masses of lost people is finding/recruiting/training/coaching healthy leaders who live on mission Trusting Others—We

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HGC, you are a blessing to the church and to God's Kingdom. Thank you for investing in us and even in me. I guess you can teach an old dog new turnaround principles.

Drew W. Ohio

What you are doing now is taking a huge leap of faith and God is honoring that. And if we can play even a small part, we’re honored. What you have helped with on this side of the ocean, especially the churches in Hungary, is priceless!

Jamie N. 3Worlds Director and European Regional Coordinator

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Dave Vogelpohl

Organizational Leader

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