Transforming Churches so Churches Can Change Their Communities

Types of Churches

Most of the 350,000+ churches in the U.S. are in one of the following growth models:
Level 1 :: Subtracting // Level 2 :: Plateauing // Level 3 :: Adding// Level 4 :: Reproducing // Level 5 :: Multiplying

Most churches find themselves as Declining or Plateaued. Often growth in the church is Addition and few churches are truly Multiplying. Our passion is to engage churches to make disciples that make disciples, thereby multiplying the kingdom.

We help churches get healthy and on mission with our consultations.

Church Consultation

Sometimes, we need outside perspective and input. HGC Consultations help church leaders address growth and health issues using experienced experts and a proven process.


You don’t have to walk through change alone. In fact, at HGC, we believe that we are better together and that we often need someone to help us reach the next goal.

Dying to Restart

Looking for encouragement, practical resources, and lessons learned in the trenches of the restart process? HGC’s Greg Wiens & Dan Turner have combined insights from two dozen restart pastors and their own experiences in the field into a new book.

I needed an outside voice to come in and say the things I couldn’t, to repeat the things I’d been saying but no one was hearing, and to tell me the things that I hadn’t yet realized.

David T. Oklahoma

Since beginning our relationship with HGC, we have grown 20% and finally developed the systems and structure to retain our growth. HGC helped us identify the next steps to become a great church.

Andrew B. Kentucky

You helped me see the big picture of church growth and the possibilities that are obtainable by having a skillful consultant team to walk with me through the process.

Herbert B. Michigan

We realized that we were nearing the end of our life-cycle and needed to intentionally begin a new life-cycle. The insights and direction given by HCG are a Godsend.

Greg H. Michigan


Wondering where your church falls on the life cycle? Want to know more about how consultations work? Take our free assessments below and we will send you the results of where you see your church. Both of these tools are used in consultations and, at that time, are administered to the entire congregation.

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