2017 Network Gathering at Exponential East

Growing Brilliant Leaders, Teams, and Churches

HGC's Leadership Network Gathering is moving to Exponential East as a pre conference. This session will help you ensure your leaders are operating at their full wattage,  harness the power of synergy within your team to accomplish the dream God has given you and raise the impact power of your church to a divine brilliance. HGC Exponential registration includes these two days of content, with speakers from within the HGC Network, as well as, from Exponential.

brilliant leaders

Brilliant leaders are operating at their full wattage capacity. We will consider four important factors that can help leaders achieve full illumination in their leadership; the lack of any one of these “floodlights” into our leadership will cause blind spots. 

brilliant teams

It's teamwork that makes the dream work! No leader can do it all on their own. In this session, we will unpack how to develop and empower great teams in order to harness the power of synergy to accomplish the dream God has given us. Brilliant teams not only work together; they learn from each other--making one another better and brighter!

brilliant churches

Some churches are invisible to their community; others have made themselves an irreplaceable part. Brilliant churches learn how to maximize their opportunity to impact their community with compassion and transformation. This session will look at raising the impact power of your church to a divine brilliance. 

Exponential East

April 24-27, 2017
Orlando, FL

HGC Conference & Pre Conference Registration includes:

  • Lowest Possible Pricing:
    • $99 Participant
    • $29 Spouse
    • $59 Pre Conference
  • HGC Pre Conference, Growing Brilliant Leaders, Team & Churches, on Mon - Tues
  • Main Conference on Tues - Thurs
  • Free Dinner on Monday Night
  • Invitation to the HGC Dinner on Wednesday Night (Cost & Location TBD)

HGC @ Exponential East

Register for both the HGC pre conference & Exponential East for the lowest possible price. Space is limited.

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For questions on the Leadership Network Gathering, email Julia Jech.

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